"Our mission is to connect and integrate youth-run organizations, companies and initiatives by employing a global network of said organizations, companies and initiatives in order to realize a more youth-empowered world."
The YouthCorp is a global network of youth-run companies, initiatives, nonprofits and organizations seeking to amalgamate and mobilize the resources, innovations and outreach of its members to empower the youth and nurture young entrepreneurs on an international scale.

We focus on one global issue annually and organize our collective resources to fight that issue. We seek to build a better and more connected world through conferences, calls, and global movements. We connect through a variety of platforms and encourage youth from all nations to work together to build a better world.

Our key founders met at the the educational summer program, Yale Young Global Scholars. Inspired by the focus on global changemaking, they sought to build a network similar to the international youth leaders at the program and started Youth Corp.

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