Interview with Tammy Nguyen, founder of Voices for Impact

by Maria Myers

Tammy is a 17-year-old documentarian and activist bringing attention to education access in Vietnam through her site, Voices for Impact, and recent short documentary - Ticket to School.

"I was born in Vietnam, so I travel back to visit my family every several years. I saw children selling lottery tickets during all hours of the day and questioned why they weren't in school. That sparked my interest in the issue, and I promised myself I would come back to somehow make a change. After saving up for my trip, I came back to Vietnam once again to film "Ticket To School" and volunteered at a school for disabled children."

You can watch Ticket for School here.

In the mean-time, Tammy hopes to go to Georgetown, George Washington, or American University in Washington D.C. to have the opportunity of interning at the State Department and White House, become more politically involved, and have the privilege of being taught by world-class leaders. In the long term, she hopes to work in international human rights and national security for various U.S. government departments and NGOs.

On youth activism, Tammy says: "When youth speak, people really do listen. I find that adults are surprised when we speak about global issues and try to make a change. When you're young, you have the entire world at your fingers tips. I just hope more youth develop that mentality. And of course, we are the future generation who will solve these issues."


Welcome to YouthCorp!

by Julia Myers

Around the world, pockets of inspired teens are daring to dream big. This past summer four of us had the opportunity to be immersed in one of these pockets at the summer educational program, Yale Young Global Scholars. Many amazing teens that came to the Yale program were doing creative things to change the world and these big dreams inspired us to start an organization to connect these youth to make an even bigger difference. As we gathered in the small library of Jonathan Edwards college at Yale University with a few Macbooks and lots of cookies, we put our heads together to think of ways to connect and apply the concepts we had learned in lectures. YouthCorp was born in the midst of this creative energy.

As the summer progressed into autumn, our group met almost daily online and started putting together the bones of our organization, combining our strengths and ideas. Our five founders are from three continents and speak a combined six languages. We are from vastly diverse backgrounds with very different skill sets from technology to art to writing to public speaking, but we all united over our common dreams for a better future. Our goal is to unite youth around the world with passion for making a difference so we can work together for a more global and connected world. As youth, we are the leaders of tomorrow, and we should start changing the world now. If this sounds like you, join YouthCorp! We invite young adults around the world to join our network at It's time to build the future together. Change starts now!

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