The Pulpit

The Pulpit is an international youth publication that seeks to unite the knowledge, creativity, and literary talent of the world's youth through the world’s oldest common tongue – rhetoric. While it may be Qatar’s first and only online youth publication, The Pulpit is committed to helping aspiring writers find their voice – and providing a greater lectern for armchair veterans of the pen. The Pulpit serves to be a stage for the youth to debate, ideate and innovate new notions – and a nursery to nurture them into concrete ideas.

Pretty Purposeful

Pretty Purposeful is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit run by two teen sisters focused on empowering youth locally and globally to find their purpose. They put on local events, sell products, and raise funds for and awareness about Obstetric Fistula repair surgeries. Its purpose is to help girls and young women in Africa who suffer from the childbirth injury of obstetric fistula to receive the surgery and education they need to lead meaningful lives again.


Greenhouse is a free browser extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox that exposes the role money plays in US Congress and highlights key election races. It displays on any web page detailed campaign contribution data for every Senator and Representative, including total amount received and breakdown by industry and by size of donation. Puts vital data where it’s most relevant so you can discover the real impact of money on our political system.

Young Homo Politicus

Young Homo Politicus (YHP) is a non-profit youth organization based in South Korea. YHP has a flaring mission “to educate and inspire youth in and out of Korea by providing an outlet for political action and community service.” YHP regularly conducts online and offline policy forums to discuss domestic agendas and formulate policies for submission via local and national governments. Also, it runs an online school called YHP Academy to provide free educational resources and consulting services to marginalized students. Moreover, it offers students to enroll in free internship programs and the larger mentorship networks. As of November 2014, YHP has over 100 students from 15 different schools across the nation. It maintains active partnership with various policy and educational institutions as well as other like-minded youth organizations worldwide.

Instruments for Change

Instruments for Change is a non profit organization founded and led by 6 piano students in the Seattle area. They have been growing and gathering support since their debut concert in June of 2014, where they raised $1100. They have filed and become a non profit, gained the support of Music fest Perugia in Italy, widened our influence online, and planned a few upcoming events. Through our efforts we hope to give back to the incredible music community that has brought us to where we are in our piano experience and help others receive the same opportunity.

Naughton & Ross

Naughton & Ross is a creative firm that works to support Australian NFPs. Inspired by Fifty and Fifty, an organisation that rose to prominence after KONY 2012, they are looking to establish themselves as a prominent provider of digital media content for social betterment and awareness causes within Australia. Currently in their portfolio are substantial state government contracts (State Government of Victoria) and work with multiple educational institutions and other NFPs (World Love Hour Foundation, A Big Life) whose mission is to better educate children about the world in the 21st century. They also work within schools to develop original applications and application networks for a more modern approach to a school-oriented CMS and LMS.


ActOut is a student-run organization that creates immersive workshops, films, and video games on global issues. Based at the University of Toronto Schools. ActOut's mission is to foster understanding, seed empathy, and create change. ActOut explores pertinent social, economic and political issues through the medium of a simulation, in which students are challenge to handle the same problems less privileged populations endure. ActOut's Migration Simulation tackles rural-urban migration and the ethics of sweatshop labour in Uttar Pradesh, India, and ActOut's Media Simulation pits students as reporters for the contentious Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia.

Thailand Freedom Project

Thailand Freedom Project, founded in May of 2014, aims to prevent human trafficking in Thailand. All around the world, millions of women and children have been trafficked; however, Thailand is a location in which trafficking is extremely common. Plagued by a corrupt government, many people in Thailand live in extreme poverty with little to no education. Without an education, women and children are forced into the sex trafficking industry. The Thailand Freedom Project (TFP) works to provide education for those living in Thailand and to spread awareness of human trafficking.

Young Global Initiative

Young Global Initiative encourages children and young adults to take action towards both personal and global development. Our mission is to empower youth to work towards their future through education and encourage the building of and participation in a global network.

Curvy Girls Foundation

Curvy Girls Foundation is a non-profit organization providing education and leadership training for girls with scoliosis and their families. A network of international peer-led support groups aim to reduce the emotional impact of scoliosis by empowering girls through mutual support and acceptance to become leaders, make healthy lifestyle choices, and improve self-esteem.

Liberty Custom Instruments

Liberty Custom Instruments builds high quality custom guitars and other instruments out of the "Heart of the US." They build products with unique design and incredible sound. They experiment at their own risk and time to bring unprecedented finishes and tone to you at no extra cost. LCI is a very conservative company with a draw to support the US Military. They also have a 'The Henry Program' to give free custom guitars to veterans.

Pledges for Change

Pledges for Change is the largest youth-run not-for-profit of its kind, motivating young people from around the world to take action in support of the causes they care most about. The organization believes that philanthropy is more than just financial giving, but also about volunteerism. Through their unique initiatives and programming, Pledges for Change works to empower a generation of youth to create tangible and sustainable change in their communities. Founded in 2013, the organization has raised over $16,000, and has inspired young people around the world to give back almost 20,000 hours of volunteer service to their neighbourhoods.

Strings for Swaziland

Strings for Swaziland is a Colorado non-profit founded by sisters Anna and Elise Cole. It exists to raise support and awareness for the needs of HIV/AIDS orphans and at-risk children in Swaziland while giving talented student musicians opportunities to use their music as a vehicle for positive world change. While its primary focus is the Swaziland orphan crisis, it also raises awareness for other local and global humanitarian causes through public benefit concerts and speaking at local events.


Ralli is a social enterprise that seeks to promote lost crafts and artisans. Ralli focuses is on the promotion of art and crafts in South Asia and around the world along with the craftsmen and artisans who make them, with most of the profits going to the artisans themselves. Ralli also emphasizes on education, the environment and the social wellbeing of people. Ralli has partnered with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) and donates 10% of all the profits to them to help fund the education of as many children as possible. Another partner of Ralli is the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Pakistan, who Ralli helps by funding various tree planting campaigns for them and educating the various people of Pakistan on the benefits of environmental conservation.


PeaceSphere is an anti-war publication dedicated to the millions of lives lost by human tendencies for violence. Through thought-provoking analyses of society and emotional creative writing, PeaceSphere seeks to get reach the reader’s “true humanitarian spirit”. PeaceSphere is energetically committed to raising awareness about the brutality of war and its frightening cost of human lives. Through our efforts, we aim to change a person’s outlook on life while becoming aware of the ways war victims must lose theirs.

iVoluntour Nepal

iVoluntour Nepal is a non profit company dedicated to the socio-economic development of rural Nepal through spirit of Voluntourism. They offer a variety of projects for volunteer travelers, which include teaching, childcare, and community decelopment, medical, elephant day care, yoga meditation and wildlife conservation. If you want to experience a volunteer vacation, or simply wish to provide assistance in a Nepal through volunteer travel, iVoluntour has the program for you. With volunteer program fees of USD300, your meals, accommodation, airport pickup, SIM card and T-shirt will be covered for 1 month.

Best Tomorrow Foundation

Best Tomorrow Foundation (BTF) was founded in the Savannah areas of Ghana by two undergraduate friends, Iddriss and Yussif, whose concern, since senior high school days, was finding solutions to the host of problems facing the three northern regions, especially women and children in the area. The major problems facing these regions were conflicts, illiteracy, poverty, streetism, and high rate of maternal mortality and birth related complications. The rootage of these issues was identified to be low level of education and insufficient advocacy for girl child education in the area. Best Tomorrow Foundation was then founded with the bedrock of its activities been borne out of the spirit of volunteerism and the belief that education brings changes and finds solutions to the world’s problems of all kinds.

Youth Powerhouse

Youth Powerhouse strives to harness the energy and creative potential of young people to lead social change. We believe that youth possess the creativity and perspective to develop fresh ideas, and the determination to improve the conditions that they see and learn about in the world. By providing a database of relevant resources and highlighting additional tips and inspiration through social media, we hope to make the change-making process more accessible to our generation. Youth in the United States can find programs in the categories of entrepreneurship, starting a project, sharing ideas, advocacy, connecting with peers, science and technology, leadership, and project support.

StartUp GH

StartUp Gh is a youth network of active and empowered young individuals with entrepreneurial abilities who are learning the basics of founding projects, businesses and launching successful ventures & organizations. We identify youth with immerse potential, enabling them to practice entrepreneurial leadership skills and by connecting them with with transformative opportunities and training.

Purple Smile Foundation

Purple Smile Foundation is a charity organisation founded by ten (10) vision driven young adults in Ghana (West Africa) who are passionate about the well being of children. Our aim is to assist needy children academically, ensure their healthy development through our training programes, and give them a reason to SMILE. Charity is not only done when you have billions. We believe the best charity is that given by one who has little.

Zurak Cancer Foundation

Cancer is an emerging public health problem in Africa. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), about 715,000 new cancer cases and 542,000 cancer deaths occurred in 2008 in Africa. These numbers are projected to nearly double by 2030 simply due to the aging and growth of the population, with the potential to be even higher because of the adoption of behaviors and lifestyles associated with economic development, such as smoking, unhealthy diet, and physical inactivity. Despite this growing burden, cancer continues to receive low public health priority in Africa, largely because of limited resources and other pressing public health problems, including diseases such as AIDS/HIV infection, malaria, and tuberculosis. As the Zurak Cancer Foundation, our mission is to educate individuals about cancer, create awareness, support cancer patients, and advocate for cancer in Africa in order to break down the prevalence rate of cancer by 2030.


Not your typical social justice blog. Youngchange-Bestchange believes that change stemming from the younger generation can be the most powerful. Our purpose is to bring together like-minded young adults through insightful commentary on crucial current events and by promoting activism at a grassroots level. By educating and inspiring future game-changers, we can shape the world of tomorrow into a better place.

Light Footsteps Initiative

Light Footsteps Initiative (LFI) is an organization in Thailand that empowers hospitalized youth by giving them the resources and mentorship to pursue their passions. In many hospitals, hospitalized youth are forced to quit their hobbies when they are admitted; we strive to help them find an identity outside of their medical conditions. We currently operate in five different hospitals, and are expanding into Cambodia this year and the rest of Southeast Asia next year.

The Dawtor

The Dawtor is an online news source for teens written by teens around the world. Its mission is to help create a generation of young people who are informed enough to form sensible opinions on pressing political issues. Each article published on The Dawtor uses a conversational tone to help make current events and politics easy to understand. Originally started by two teen girls from New York City and Chicago, The Dawtor’s team now has over 20 people working together to make current events cool again.

Viewpoint Media Network

Viewpoint Media Network is an independent internet broadcasting company specializing in developing audio and video podcasts. The network focuses on news and commentary programs hosted and produced by teens and millennials. Since its launch in January 2015, Viewpoint Media Network has developed various programs including IMO, No Filter, Strictly Showbiz and The Shot Clock.

United 4 Social Change

United 4 Social Change Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization that aims to spur change in the world through global community building and journalism. U4SC is a platform for people to engage in the global conversation about social change. Through journalism, we provide a tool for individuals to have their voices heard on issues that matter to them. Our end goal is to create and connect activists who aim to make a positive impact on the world.

Youth 4 Abolition

Youth 4 Abolition is a generation of young people taking a stand against modern day slavery. They are based in North Carolina, but are always looking to start chapters throughout the United States. They raise awareness about slavery through speaking to students about the signs of trafficking and how to prevent it in their own communities. Youth 4 Abolition exists to inform, educate, and empower youth to fight human trafficking.

Voices For Impact

Voices For Impact is a platform that sheds light upon international human rights issues. By writing blog posts about human rights issues, they spread awareness. They also have guests bloggers write about their own experiences with human rights violations. They also carry out philanthropic projects. Overall, they advocate for human rights and empower change in our world.


Learning should be intriguing but too often Indian students find themselves caught up in a highly competitive system of rote learning and endless examinations. With utmost importance placed on academic performance, there is little room for creativity and exploration. Meraki is a non-commercial organization to encourage the idea that intellectual curiosity supports academic performance, not inhibits it. Through a team of 20 students from 12 cities across 5 countries and a widespread network of academicians, Meraki provides resources, personalised tutorials, support and subject blogs to expand the realm of education by fostering creativity in teaching and learning.


Redefy is a teen organization committed to defying stereotypes, redefining perspectives positively, embracing acceptance and tolerance, and creating an active community. While primarily online based, redefy is very multifaceted with nearly ten departments, over 125 members worldwide, and many different initiatives. Redefy was founded in September of 2013 by Ziad Ahmed, and has since really blossomed in order to truly further the cause of justice. Anyone is eligible to get involved with redefy’s work through completing this application. Our efforts have been commended by MTV, PBS, President Barack Obama personally, and many other notable sources. Redefy intends to continue to be a platform by which teenagers can mobilize around issues relating to social justice in an impactful manner.

Innovative Learning

Inspired by Adam Rifkin (Anagram: I find karma), Innovative Learning is a small group of open-minded world citizens, dedicated to increase international awareness and to decrease language barriers. By sharing the knowledge of international students, we feel that we share more than just a language or a culture. We share an opportunity. Innovative Learning requires a fee that is non-monetary; it lays in actions. Our students are required to someday pay it forward, give something to someone.

The College Essayist

The College Essayist is a national organization that seeks to bridge the gap in education disparity and provide support and resources for equal access in college admissions. Built on the idea of students helping students, The College Essayist delivers services in essay writing, interview coaching, college search and selection help, tours, and tutoring among other outlets to help students reach and maximize their educational endeavors and college pursuits. Our mission is to ensure that all students, regardless of race, gender, and socioeconomic status, have an equal and fair chance in realizing their potential through college and university access.

Flip That Pack

Flip That Pack is an international, student-run campaign against carcinogenic additives in packaged food. Multi-income households created by rising inflation rates and the concern for hygiene in developing economies force unregulated and cheap packaged foods into the market. This creates a need to raise awareness among the population. Flip That Pack is a two fold initiative which aims to educate the general population of the potential health effects of synthetic dyes and inculcate a sense of responsibility in the scientific community towards society. Currently active in seven countries, Flip That Pack raises awareness at schools, profit and non-profit organisations and hopes to rapidly increase outreach.

Somos el Presente

Somos el Presente is a youth lead organization that works to empower young people in Latin America to achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Somos el Presente has worked with the Parliaments of Argentina and Peru. In the international levels they have worked closely advocating at high level meetings at the UN, Ministerial Conference of World Trade Organization, Annual Meetings of the World Bank, among several others. In Peru, Somos el Presente is extensevely advocating for a youth policy reform.

Ace Education

Ace is a web and mobile app that allows students to curate and collaborate on study guides and match them with local tutors. It is tailored to international schools and universities to best fit curriculum and student culture. They are currently working on customization for students at USC, University of Miami, and International Schools across Eurasia.

MADE St. Kitts

MADE St. Kitts is a non-profit organization that focuses on raising awareness about the importance of volunteerism amongst young people through training, mentoring and development programs. We reach out to young people and let them know the benefits of volunteering, the power of giving back to your community and how it can aid with personal development.

Artful Start

Artful Start is a nonprofit organization in San Antonio, Texas that runs art programs for children with special needs throughout the community. Our mission is to build bridges, maximize potential, decrease stigma, and create masterpieces.

The Migration Network

The Migration Network is a student organization based in Washington, DC at American University. We focus on both the facts of migration and the individual experience of non-native Americans who we encounter on a day-to-day basis. We sporadically provide statistics and feature interviews as well as pieces of art inspired by the migration experience.

Youth Concerns

The Youth Concerns is a panel of young professionals working for the betterment of society. Our two core domains of our work are health and education. We have been arranging medical camps in rural areas and bearing the education expenditures of street children. Our goal is basic health and education for everyone regardless of their economic status.

Kickin' Violence

Kickin' Violence is a 501c3 non-profit that seeks to eradicate violence of all forms through working with young people between the ages of 10-18. We inspire young people to eradicate violence through education, service for survivors, and martial arts.


Narratio is a platform for creative expression that seeks to alleviate childhood illiteracy by empowering youth through the publishing of poetry, photography, art and narrative. It publishes works of art from all over the globe, and hosts workshops centered around the power of storytelling and creativity. Narratio firmly believes in providing artists with the platform to share their work with the world, producing stories FOR mankind and OF every kind.

The Kings & Queens Project

The Kings & Queens Project (KQ) is an educational nonprofit founded in Longmont, Colorado with the goal of illuminating the darkness of Human Trafficking and other forms of Human Exploitation. We strive to accomplish these goals through curriculum development, classroom instruction and local as well as state legislation to reform Health Education in Colorado.

DonateYourPassion Foundation

DonateYourPassion Foundation (DYP Foundation) is a student business organization that provides a bridge between passion and compassion. We conduct business projects, one at a time as a group. Individuals utilize their unique skillsets to pitch business ideas, develop and market products for profit, 100% of which goes to educational charities in China. Members of DYP reinforce the idea that there are people who have not forgotten the happiness of helping others in this ever so competitive society. DYP not only grants the opportunity to connect with local charities, but also shows the community that making a real difference is above and beyond numbers on a check, as passion is what drives people to bring about small and large changes to our society.

Skate 4 Africa

Skate 4 Africa has the mission to teach perseverance, creativity, and the benefits of a supportive community through the means of skating. We strive to spread the lessons that skating teaches to the youth of developing countries in hopes for a more innovative and progressive future. We distribute skateboards to grass roots skating organizations, youth centers, and orphanages, so that they can further pass on the gift of skating to the local communities. In addition, Skate 4 Africa is now working towards building it's first skateboard park in Zambia and is planning to partner with other government affiliated organizations to do so.

Kinston Teens

From the White House to the Capitol Building, to boardrooms and city halls, young people are often left out of the decisions that most affect them. That’s why, 14 years old, Chris Suggs founded Kinston Teens in October of 2014. Already a recognized voice and representative of youth in his community, he started Kinston Teens as an effort to amplify the voices of all of the youth of Kinston, and to create civic engagement and community service opportunities as positive alternatives for teens. The organization prides itself in its work to involve young people in volunteerism, government and community development.

Smile for School

Smile for School is a non-profit youth organization dedicated to providing disadvantaged youth around the world with the motivation and excitement to learn and explore their true, creative voice. Their goal is to give students the opportunity to fully experience the academic world by organizing engaging activities, unique curriculums, and school resources. One of the key principles and beliefs of the organization is that a smile can bring change. To create peace is to create a more connected society that promotes love, compassion, and support for another. And through the joy of education, they hope to instill these values within global communities, one smile at a time.

BitxBit Camp

BitxBit ("Bit by Bit") Camp, a weeklong computer science day camp, is a free program for middle school girls in the greater New York City area. All prospective participants are encouraged to apply for the program, which challenges girls in various aspects of programming, web design, game making, app development, entrepreneurship, leadership, and algorithmic thinking. The programs runs as well during the school year, connecting young girls around the world with virtual mentors to help them develop independent projects.


Inxchan means New Beginning of Life. We provide humanitarian, spiritual and adventurous journey for people looking to do something different and meaningful in life. With our work, we are benefiting children, women and community of Nepal.

Black Youth Network

The mission of the Black Youth Network is to connect and empower young African-American leaders who are making positive contributions to their communities, our culture, society and beyond. Black Youth Network seeks to provide funding, mentorship, networking and resource opportunities for young leaders and youth-led organizations.

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